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Meth Screening

Protecting homes from negative health and financial effects of Meth/ICE contamination.

Meth/Ice usage is reaching pandemic proportions in Australia according to the Australian Crime Commission.

The last United Nations World Drug Report confirmed that Australia leads the world in ecstasy and cannabis use, was third for methamphetamines and fourth for cocaine.

With these statistics, future contamination, could rival asbestos.

Do you suspect that your own home or a house that you are renting may be contaminated with Methamphetamine (METH, ICE)?

MPR will schedule a qualified technician to conduct a meth test of the house, which is then analyzed by an independent laboratory.

Within 5 working days we will provide you with a fully documented laboratory report to answer your question, “Am I Safe” ?

Detailed qualified testers and an independent laboratory based test will provide a quantitative result.

If you´re in doubt, you´re in danger

Prevention is the cure for your family