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Management Plan

The levels of Meth/ICE will indicate whether you have a small or big problem.

Based on the level of contamination, a management plan is prepared by an Occupational Hygienist (independent of MPR).

There are 4 levels of Meth/ICE contamination, being:

Level 1 – LOW

This is a relatively low contamination level of Meth/ICE which can usually be remediated by a commercial grade high alkaline cleaner.

Level 2 – MODERATE

At this level, a deeper and more penetrating contamination exists and it may be necessary to remove soft furnishings and carpets in addition to chemical treatment.

It may also be necessary to remove electrical appliances, fixtures and fittings, and polyurethane coated doors, which attract meth like a magnet. Stoves and ovens are particularly susceptible due to high current draw.

Level 3 – HIGH

At this level, removal of wall linings, ceilings, other fixtures and fittings may be required in the worst affected areas. Chemically treating the remaining framing may also be necessary.

Level 4 – DEMOLISH

At this level, partially deconstructing rooms or wholly demolishing buildings is the only cost effective option.

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