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Conveyancers have a duty of care to the purchaser to minimise their risk when purchasing a property. Testing a new home or investment property before your client buys is extremely important.

Just like a building inspection report, a meth test should be on your due-diligence list and here’s why:

  • Methamphetamine is a widespread problem in all states growing rapidly;
  • Any house can be contaminated with hazardous amounts of contamination detrimental to the occupants’ health;
  • Clean up of the property after meth related activity can be extremely costly and range from $3,000 to $25,000 or in extreme cases will result in demolition and rebuild;
  • Unknown meth contamination history can affect the ability to receive insurance compensation on the property;


Conveyancers have a duty of care to the Vendor/Purchaser to ensure that there is no future claim of non-disclosure