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Builders / Tradesmen

Before you pick up your tools ask the question “has the property been tested?”

All trades are at risk, if you’re in doubt get it tested for your health sake.

All surfaces and materials in a home are porous such as plasterboards, timber flooring, stud walls, brickwork, and concrete. Electronic equipment such as ovens, extraction fans, wiring through walls just to name a few attract Meth/Ice. The chemicals penetrate deep within the surfaces, the only material immune to this are glass and steel.

Fresh paint and wallpaper will cover up the problem temporarily, but the contamination will start to seep into the new surfaces quite quickly and eventually the new surface will be as bad as the subsurface. All that this will achieve is a lower meth test reading than before. The fresh paint will produce an artificially lower surface test reading that will only complicate the decontamination process by requiring thousands of dollars of further sub-surface testing or wasting hours of time and chemicals on the wrong type of decontamination plan.

Duty of care remains with you. Get it tested, contact us on 1300 950 006.


Meth contamination must be treated like you would asbestos