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Frequently Asked Questions

Why test for Meth?

The manufacture of meth produces incredible amounts of by-products that are considered extremely dangerous. Meth is the best and most cost effective drug to test in these circumstances that points towards meth lab activity, and therefore the existence of the by-products.

For every 1kg of methamphetamine created, 5kg of toxic waste are created.

Meth contamination is linked through scientific studies to a massive range of negative health affects as well as being extremely costly to clean up.

Will just smoking Meth cause any harm?

Yes! Smoking crystal-meth or even powder will contaminate a home. It will take much longer than an ice-lab to contaminate the house but even one smoke will show up in lab tested samples. Overtime, repeated smoking of ice will result in thousands of dollars to be spent in detailed testing/investigations and meth decontamination. Even smoking outside will still contaminate the house because the vapours will follow the user inside and residues will contaminate their clothes, which will cross-contaminate everything they touch inside the home.

What about painting over it?

Fresh paint and wallpaper will cover up the problem, temporarily, but the contamination will start to seep into the new surfaces quite quickly and eventually the new surface will be as bad as the subsurface. All that this will achieve is a lower meth test reading than before. It may fool a presumptive testing device, completely, but not a laboratory test.

The fresh paint will produce an artificially lower surface test reading that will only complicate the decontamination process by requiring thousands of dollars of further sub-surface testing or wasting hours of time and chemicals on the wrong type of decontamination plan.

What is Meth Contamination?

Meth contamination is the residue left behind on surfaces by the methamphetamine either being smoked or manufactured within a property. It is alarming that for every 1kg of Methamphetamine produced, 5kgs of toxic waste is created.

The residue left from manufacture and to a lesser extent, smoking could include:

Meth and precursor drugs used in manufacture:
  • Methamphetamine
  • Pseudoephedrine
  • Amphetamine
  • Ephedrine
Chemicals used during in manufacture:
  • Hydrochloric Acid (extremely powerful mineral acid)
  • Sulphuric Acid (found in drain cleaners)
  • Lithium (from batteries)
  • Lye or Sodium Hydroxide (found in drain cleaners)
  • Anti-freeze
  • Red Phosphorus
  • Ammonia
  • Various solvents

What is the difference between testing types?

Lab Based Testing:

All of our samples are analysed by an independent IANZ accredited lab. We use a powerful technique with very high sensitivity levels allowing detection of methamphetamine to 0.02μg/100cm2 the analysis is very accurate, there are no false positives and the testing is done independently of the people who take the samples. Lab based testing gives a quantitative result, this allows the remediation contractor to provide recommendations for contamination remediation.

Please note: we are not affiliated with remediation or contamination clean-up companies therefore you can rest assured that our results are trustworthy, unbiased and totally independent.

DIY / Self Testing:
These kits look like pregnancy tests and shows an indication only. They have a lower sensitivity when compared to lab based testing and meth can be missed even though it may be present. DIY testing is not evidential and should not be used for real estate property transactions. Please contact us for further instructions on using our DIY kits.

Can I just clean the Meth residues away?

Unfortunately, "No". All surfaces and materials in a home are porous such as plasterboards, timber flooring, stud walls, brickwork, concrete just to name a few. This allows the chemicals to penetrate deep within the surfaces that sometimes makes it uneconomical to clean. The levels of methamphetamine will indicate whether you have a small or big problem.

Why Test Before You Buy?

Testing a new home or investment property before you buy is extremely important. Just like a building report, a meth test should be on your due-diligence list and here's why:

  • Methamphetamine is a widespread problem in all states growing rapidly.
  • Any house can be contaminated with hazardous amounts of contamination detrimental to the occupants' health.
  • Clean up of the property after meth related activity can be extremely costly and range from $3,000 to $25,000 or in extreme cases will result in demolition and rebuild.
  • Unknown meth contamination history can affect the ability to receive insurance compensation on the property.

Will I smell it?

Meth use will often not leave behind a discernible odour, however sometimes, you may be able to smell a chemical or urine smell.

Aren’t Ice-Labs found in low socio-economic areas?

Contamination can be found anywhere. The production of Meth means big money, labs have been found in million dollar properties and luxury apartments.

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