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MPR was formed after seeing first-hand how enormous the problem is becoming. According to laboratories 1 in 8 houses tested are contaminated to a certain degree, be it from recreational drug usage or drug manufacturing.

We hear in the media daily of horrendous crimes and stories related to Meth/ICE usage but the question we should all ask ourselves is “where is the usage taking place and who’s home was it manufactured in?”

The harm caused by Meth/ICE contamination to the innocent unaware must be prevented.

The lack of awareness and minimal guidelines in Australia was the motivation that drove us to set up this business to offer protection from an ever-growing epidemic that could surpass asbestos contamination.

Our aim is to educate the public and bring awareness as we are all affected to some degree.

We are not affiliated with remediation or contamination clean up companies so you can rest assured that our results are trustworthy, unbiased and totally independent.


Schedule peace of mind by using the highest quality Meth testing available in Australia.

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June 2016

Herald Sun

A SIX-year-old boy was found with the same levels of methamphetamine in his system as an adult drug abuser ...

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November 2016

Woman's Weekly

Article - Ice epidemic: Have you tested your home for meth residue?
If there is any chance at all your home could ...

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June 2016

Ten Eyewitness News

Prospective home owners and tenants are being warned to check with authorities about whether their homes ...

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