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Protection Report Testing

Do you suspect that your own home or a house that you are renting may be contaminated with Methamphetamine (METH, ICE)?

Are you putting your children and grandchildren at risk by not knowing?

MPR will schedule a qualified technician to conduct a meth test of the house, which is then analysed by an independent laboratory.

Within 5 working days we will provide you with a fully documented laboratory report to answer your question, “Am I Safe?”

If you are about to purchase a new home or rent a property and you want to be sure that it’s safe for your family to live in, then call 1300 950 006

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June 2016

Herald Sun

A SIX-year-old boy was found with the same levels of methamphetamine in his system as an adult drug abuser ...

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November 2016

Woman's Weekly

Article - Ice epidemic: Have you tested your home for meth residue?
If there is any chance at all your home could ...

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June 2016

Ten Eyewitness News

Prospective home owners and tenants are being warned to check with authorities about whether their homes ...

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